Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NightshadeBerry Illustrations

It is on rare occasions in life that you come across people that are truly magnificent 
and talented at what they do.
GForceDesign Angel

In our industry we are truly blessed to be able to meet these kind of people on a regular basis. We do not only find this in our clients, each one off on their own journey, but also in the amazing people we get to work with on a daily basis.

One of these amazing gems we found in the young illustrator, Gabby Correia - NightshadeBerry.
I met her a couple of years ago and since then she has evolved from a great illustrator to a magnificent artist.

Gabby is a digital illustrator and painter based in the Northern Suburbs of the Western Cape, South Africa.

she's only been working as an illustrator for the last 3 years her work has already been admired all over the world.

A quick search on Google for NightshadeBerry, reveals that samples of her masterpieces can be found all over the web.

We asked Gabby about her inspirations, current projects and tried to pick her brain a bit to get to the inner secrets of what makes a great artist.

F ) What inspires you?
G ) I find inspiration in everything around me. 
Just about anything that gets my imagination flowing. Books, Movies, Inspirational artwork.
Sometimes when I fall out of inspiration I try to learn working with a new medium or style, that usually gets me excited again.

F ) What are you working on at the moment?
G ) A comic book for Trolyhood productions Called 'HASH, I can't reveal too much about it just yet. 
"Featuring a curious weave of mostly true and largely unknown accounts of human trafficking, drug smuggling and gun running in Africa."

F ) Your favourite artists/illustrator?
G ) Almost too many to mention. I'm a huge fan of Norman Rockwell's paintings and illustrations. 
The character and expression he portrays in his paintings are so inspirational. 
Digital artist I like are Serge Birault (AKA Papaninja), I love his modern take on caricature art, also Dave Rapoza, Stanley Lau (Artgerm)
F ) Favorite medium to work with or favorite style?
G ) My main medium I work in is digital. I work in photoshop with a graphics tablet. 
When I paint in this method I have a wide variety of styles, realistic, caricature, comic, 
cartoon, horror, fantasy, etc. From time to time I like to break away from digital and get 
back to my roots which is sketching with graphite pencils and charcoal, with this medium I like to get as close to photo realism as I have patience for.

F ) What superpower would you like to have and why?
G ) Super Speed! Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day, you know?

F ) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
G ) Observation is key. You can draw anything, but you must observe it first.

F ) What wouldn’t you do without?
G ) Coffee, chocolate and a sketchbook.

F ) In your oppinion, what makes illustration different to graphic design?
G ) Illustration is telling a story or communicating an idea through art. 
Graphic design is for the masses, drawing in the target market and describing 
the product or look and feel of a company. Illustration is emotional and 
decorative while Graphic design is functional and practical 

From cartoons, professional adverts, book illustrations, band logo designs, coporate id designs to t-shirt designs this innovative and still evolving artist is quickly starting to cement her name in the industry.
Working mostly behind the scenes and letting her creations do the talking for her, this modest artist remains an inspiration to all that have had the priviledge to view her work. 

If you need a illustration or design that is truely unique and stands out above the rest be sure to contact us with your brief.
To view more of her work go to the illustration page on our website.
 - the guy