Friday, November 1, 2013

Fdesign Referral Program - Make Some Cash

Another new feature that we have added to our site is the Fdesign Referral Program. 

Over the years we have had many referrals from existing clients, friends and even suppliers. So we've decided that it's time to give a little back. 

With this referral program we offer an average of 25% commission on design and 10% commission on printing.
The cost on jobs vary and therefor the commission will also vary per job. 
Most of our design services will pay out the full 25% commission though.

For more information and to sign up for this please go to the following page on our website.

You need to fill in the form on this page to be added onto our list. If you're not on the list 
you'll not receive any commission so sign up today. 

From there all you have to do is to get potential clients to go to our website and fill in one of our enquiry forms.
Make sure that they put your name into the "Referred to Fdesign by" field. Otherwise we wont know that you referred them.
We'll handle the rest.

Sign up today and lets make some money together.

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